Best Hair Care Tips for Fall & Winter

Best Hair Care Tips for Fall & Winter

We are quickly approaching winter, temperatures are dropping and the wardrobe has most likely changed to include jackets, trench coats & plenty of comfortable sweaters. Most likely, so has your skincare routine which is now more focused on keeping the skin moisturised & plump.


Your hair needs a new regimen too

The autumn & winter months bring a mix of colder, drier air and artificial heat which can easily leave hair stripped of moisture.

Keeping hair healthier, silkier and stronger is our speciality, so we comprised a few easy steps you can incorporate this Autumn & Winter

Damage ends = damaged hair

With the decrease in temperatures & the increase in thicker, bulkier clothing, hats and scarfs, you might find more split ends emerging. Keep your hair healthier by getting trims as often as needed. For most people with quick hair growth, every 6 weeks is recommended during colder months.

The 3 Ms: Mask, Moisture, More veggies

Mask: Regularly soak your hair in coconut oil or a rich hair mask. This will bring back the shine and softness the hair needed.

Moisture: Do you wash your hair everyday or very often ? Think about whether you can decrease the frequency of washes. Too many and it will strip off the natural oils from the scalp causing more dryness & brittleness.

If you have to wash your hair often, think about adding more moisturising shampoos & conditioners into your routine. Avoid phosphate containing products, they will cause further damage.

More veggies: Eat your greens & drink your supplements. Hair grows from within. A balanced diet filled with nutrients, vitamins and supplements will provide the building blocks to allow several molecular pathways, growth factors, proteins and genes to play their substantial roles for the development of the hair follicle.

No fad diets, just a diet full of fruit, nuts, vegetables and your choice of protein.

Be ready to face the cold no matter what your hair needs, be kind and gentle to it. Apply less heat, styling products and be patient through the journey of seasons.

You summer hair will thank you !